// CT-50

Performance and Durability Tested

CT-50 recycled rubber tire compound is the first of its kind to take on the durability required by a shoe without compromising performance or comfort. It has been wear-tested and validated to deliver on you and your customers’ expectations for footwear.


Extruded Sheets
50cm x 36cm
1.35kg unit

Trederra rubber sheet
Shoe made with CT-50

Wear Testing

In a 6-week, 64-person wear test in tactical boots using 20% loading of CT-50, we identified the following performance metrics:

Slip resistance: 91% of the participants saw no issues

Black scuff marks: 100% of the participants did not see black scuff marks from the outsole

Outsole durability: 0% of the participants saw any durability problems with the outsole

Delamination: 0% of the participants saw any delamination of the outsole to the upper

Solvent-free product


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