Earth-Driven Performance

Trederra was founded by parent company Matmarket LLC, which began with the goal of providing high-performance materials and components to the footwear and apparel industries.

Sustainably Focused

With Trederra, Matmarket is continuing its vision to enable the footwear industry while integrating a sustainability focus that meets the priorities of brands and consumers today.​

A Team with a Vision

Our company leadership found a truly unique way to combine their concern for tire waste with their experience developing materials and products for the footwear industry.

Figuring out how to turn used tires into durable outsoles that would perform and provide a great customer experience for footwear brands took a number of years, but they were not deterred.

In the end, the Trederra team has developed a product that delivers the highest percentage of recycled tire content in an outsole today, and they continue innovating to improve upon and expand this revolutionary solution to tire waste.

Meet the Team


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