rubber tire compound

Clean, High-Quality Rubber Tire Compound

Trederra rubber material for outsoles is a composition you can count on to maintain or improve the durability of your footwear, with the added sustainability impact of keeping tires out of landfills. 

A Feel-Good, All-Good Material Integration

We make it easy to integrate Trederra into your existing production process as a cost-neutral sustainability solution that won’t disrupt operations.

Can be compounded with most technical polymers

Free from contaminants like wire or fibers

High surface area

Consistent quality and particle size

No chemical treatment

Solvent-free product

What Makes Our Product Different?

Where other sustainable rubber materials have varying levels of quality and consistency, are priced higher, and may not be fully ready for market, the rubber powder made through our specialized water jet system is more than a generic recycling powder or cost-reducing filler.

What you get is an affordable outsole with expected performance properties, which is a significant achievement for a partially devulcanized tire product. Trederra is the only company that has reached this level of recycled tire load without compromising the performance or durability you and your customers expect.

Its high performance allows higher load in the compound at leveled performance and enables a solution for sustainable mobility at a neutral cost.


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