Highlighting Our Parent Company, Matmarket

Matmarket is a materials manufacturer with more than 20 years in the industry.

Trederra outsoles may be new on the scene, but our genesis is rooted in market expertise. 

At Trederra, we’re incredibly proud to be making the first-ever recycled tire rubber compound that can be used in up to 50% of footwear outsoles. That being said, we didn’t just pick that idea out of a hat and run with it. When it comes to knowledge of manufacturing, market relations, sustainable efforts, and much more, we have our parent company, Matmarket LLC, to thank. With more than 20 years of experience, Matmarket is a seasoned player in the materials manufacturing game. 

Matmarket In The Beginning

Matmarket LLC originally launched in China in 1999 as a representative agency and started out working with a small group of Asian manufacturing companies. During that time, our parent company learned absolutely everything they could about manufacturing systems, supply chains, product creation, and cultivating long-term business relationships. 

Rather than clients, Matmarket sees their manufacturers as partners. Through the years, they helped their partners adapt to market demands by providing them with insights on customer desires, market trends, and more. 

The Transformation of Matmarket to Materials Innovator

Eventually, Matmarket transitioned from representing manufacturing companies to developing their own components and materials. At the forefront of this venture was one idea: bringing new and emerging technologies to market. When it comes to manufactured materials, our parent company’s eyes have always been on innovation. 

Thanks to Matmarket LLC’s determination to excel in not only the manufacturing space but also as a sustainable ingredient manufacturer, we now have products like INSITE Insoles, which are partially comprised of plant-based materials. As they continued to expand their capabilities, the idea for Trederra was born.

Trederra Emerges Like a Phoenix

Because of Matmarket’s attention to every step of the manufacturing and selling process, Trederra was created with the utmost care. As Matmarket was already well-versed in the sustainable materials industry, it’s no wonder they chose to continue that mission with Trederra by identifying discarded tires as the perfect material for them to tackle next. Discarded tires, especially ones that end up in landfills, are highly harmful to the environment and the communities surrounding their disposal sites. By sourcing tires from these “tire graveyards” to create the Trederra rubber compound, Matmarket is tackling a multifaceted environmental issue. 

Trederra sources discarded tires, helping to keep them from contaminating our environment. Then, we use a clean production process that involves replacing harsh chemicals with a recycled water cleaning process. From there, the treads are broken down to a fine crumb and combined with other materials to create our patented rubber compound, again without the use of harsh chemicals. The entire process adheres to Matmarket’s commitment to sustainability: “By re-engineering our development process, we bring solutions to market quickly while meeting or exceeding the most stringent sustainability goals, without sacrificing quality and performance.” We’re proud to be a Matmarket company and to carry forward its commitment to planet-positive business practices that start at the source. 

From A to Z, every step of the process is held to the highest standard. 

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