Generation Z Customers & Their Influence On The World Of Sustainable Fashion

While they may sound young to some, Gen Z is gaining buying power by the billions. 

What do Generation Z customers want? Sustainability in fashion. Sustainability in everything, really. When do they want it? Now. Well, actually, if it were up to them, this movement would have been more widespread decades ago. But just like generations before them took up their own causes, Generation Z has identified the need for sustainability as a key focus for their age group. Now, they’re working toward driving change for generations to come, and putting their money where their mouths are. As they quickly become the largest group of spenders, it’s crucial to listen to what they want.

Generation Z and Sustainable Fashion 

Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Z, is on an important crusade against the fast fashion industry, and for good reason. According to ever-updating reports, the fast fashion industry is responsible for nearly 10% of global carbon emissions. From material production to the transportation of an innumerable amount of goods, there is simply no denying that there is an irresponsible (or selectively careless) side of the fashion industry that is resulting in a massive negative impact on the environment. 


of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands

While much of the fast fashion industry’s marketing efforts target younger generations, there has been an obvious uproar from the young Generation Z when it comes to this industry’s impact. “62% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy from sustainable brands, and a staggering 73% are willing to pay more for sustainable products,” reports First Insight. A big part of that willingness to spend more on sustainable fashion (and ignore the efforts of fast fashion companies) is that true sustainability includes more than the materials used or the manufacturing process; it also involves the potential longevity of the products. In other words, they’re looking for well-made, sustainably-built investment pieces that may cost more upfront but will last a very long time.

How To Create A Sustainable Brand

There are innumerable brands out there claiming to be sustainable, and a number of them are actually doing a great job, but all too many are falling dreadfully short in crucial areas. For instance, a company might use recycled materials to craft their products but completely ignore their manufacturing process’s effect on the environment. A step in the right direction is a step in the right direction, but to be truly sustainable, the entire process must be examined and altered. 

At Trederra, we’re invested in sustainability from Point A to Point Z, because we believe that real, impactful change falls on the shoulders of big companies such as ours. Generation Z customers are driving this charge in a never-before-seen way, using their influence and buying power to pressure the greater fashion industry for the better. 

in 2021, Gen Z had

$360 billion

in disposable income

As delineated by Forbes, Gen Zers gravitate toward companies that have similar morals to their own. “If a member of Gen Z doesn’t agree with the morals of a company, many of them will boycott the products completely and get their friends to do so as well.” In other words, to get in good with Generation Z, you need to put sustainability at the forefront. And if you don’t think attracting Gen Z is worth your brand’s time, let us highlight a staggering statistic from the same Forbes article: in 2021, Gen Z had $360 billion in disposable income, and their buying power will soon outpace that of the generations preceding them. 

Attracting Conscious Generation Z Customers With Trederra Outsoles

Gen Z is a powerfully conscious generation willing to work hard for positive changes in this world and they tend to see things on a large, impactful scale. When choosing where to send their money and form brand loyalties, they don’t just look for small changes, they look for a more all-encompassing version of sustainability, one that targets the problem at its core. As it pertains to fashion and footwear, that means they’re looking beyond the label. Members of this tenacious generation want to see true, meaningful changes across the board, from materials used, to the manufacturing process, to the product packaging. 

At Trederra, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. From the way we source our materials to the way we create our patented rubber compound, we’re focused on the entire process. So, let’s take a look at how we strive to be as sustainable as possible, which in turn becomes a selling point for the footwear brands that implement our product. 

First, our source material consists of discarded tires. By choosing tire waste as our main material, we’re helping to greatly reduce the number of tires that end up in landfills, which are disproportionately harmful to the environment in myriad ways. 

Second, we leverage a cleaner production process that uses recycled water instead of harsh chemicals and a patented water jet system that reduces the use of CO2 and fossil fuels. 

Third, we eliminated chemical treatments during the final stages of producing our recycled rubber sheets. 

 As you can tell, sustainability runs through every stage of the process, which has led to our receiving certifications like the Global Recycled Standard. We’re incredibly proud of our end product, especially because it can be used in up to 50% of footwear outsoles, the most of any brand. 

When trying to make genuine, sustainable changes to your footwear brand, both for the good of the planet and to attract Generation Z customers, Trederra outsoles are one giant step in the right direction. 

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