Turning Tire Waste Around.

We’re helping footwear brands further their sustainability mission while making a difference in tire waste.


Keeping Tires Out of Landfills

Trederra is a high-purity, high-quality rubber compound made from recycled tire treads that brands can use to make durable outsoles.

Lower your carbon footprint and increase your sustainability impact

Maintain your current partnerships, supply chain, and production process

Enjoy a cost-neutral sustainability solution

Make no compromise on outsole performance

How We Do It

Our clean, efficient process for sorting, separating, and devulcanizing high-quality end-of-life tires results in a fine tire crumb that we combine with additional traditional additives before extruding into sheets of durable rubber material, which are then delivered to your outsole compounder.

# Of Tires Saved to Date:


*Estimates Disclaimer – Since Oct. 1, 2023

A Different Kind of Product

Trederra CT-50 is our durable, high-purity rubber compound made from tire treads and formulated for use in up to 50% of footwear outsoles.

Trederra rubber sheet


Extruded Sheets
50cm x 36cm
1.35kg unit

crumb piles

Rubber powder made from recycled tire treads resulting in higher-quality powder

Manufactured using a chemical-free patented water-jet system

Can be used for up to 50% of the finished outsole

Brands with Trederra

We’re proudly partnering with many footwear brands that are enjoying the benefits of a durable outsole material that carries a unique and impactful sustainability story. Be part of the movement to turn tire waste around and put Trederra CT-50 in your footwear outsoles.

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